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@Gulix Gulix released this Jul 20, 2017 · 46 commits to master since this release

The Beta 3 of Geckos is now live !


But what's about this Beta 3 ? Well, many new functions are now done. You can see a list of what has been achieved in this page, but here's a summary :

  • Google Fonts are now very easy to use inside templates
  • Copy an existing card to create a new one
  • Globals / Constants inside a Template (for images, complex code, duplicates, ...)
  • Export a card to SVG
  • Export all cards to ZIP (of PNG or SVG)
  • Export all cards to PDF
  • Save your work in your browser cache, instead of using JSON files
  • Load Geckos with a chosen template
  • Overall make-up of the UI

All of these new features can be found in the demo project, hosted on Github. Test them, use them, feel free to report any bug, missing feature, wanted feature, or anything else via the Issues page.

What's coming next ?

Some videos are planned to explain how to use Geckos, as a card maker, and as a template creator. In addition, the documentation will be updated with a "how to use" section. Feel free to express your needs in documentation in the Issues !

Here's some info on how Contributing to Geckos ...

There's a Milestone called Templates for Beta 3 that is now my priority. I've got some templates to update create in order to provide more templates to you, the users ! If you want a template that's not on that list, feel free to contact me. I could work on a template for a small fee, or guide you through the creation of your template.

There will be some minor (I hope !) issues that will come with this Beta. I will correct them and create minor releases.

Also, there's the Beta 4 that's now waiting in line. Many many things are planned, and intermediate releases will surely happened. I always say that I'll get into the Template Editor as soon as possible, but other interesting things pop up. Some features that need to be added to the core engine. See the updated list, and feel free to express your needs and wants by commenting the Issues (or by creating new ones).

Enjoy Geckos ! And feel free to speak about it !

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