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First, a little announce : Geckos are now on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/geckoscardeditor/

Then, what kind of field am I speaking ? Well, the famous Fantasy Bowl fields ! Where there is often Blood !

That's a minor release of Geckos, the 0.3.2, still in the Beta 3 part of the project. But what's new ?

Well, I've added a new template for the fantasy bowl lovers ! It's all SVG, it's heavily inspired by works from Greebo, and here it is, with one of the most charismatic star players there is :


There's two style, depending on how you want to display the image. For the french players, the template is also available in french ! The colours are all editable !

Here's a link to the demo, with the template pre-loaded : http://gulix.github.io/geckos/?default_template=fantasybowl-modern-stars

There's other templates in the works (if you know your way around JS code, you'll find it), but they'll come later. Two words for describing them : Dungeon World.

If you have ideas to make this template better, feel free to write an Issue !

Also, if you've got an idea for another template, for any kind of game, try it yourself or contact me to see what I can do !

Corrections & new functions

Snippets & Colors have been added to the Rich Text Field.

The first ones will allow you to provide predefined pieces of text to users on some fields. For example, a default profile. It will be used in later templates.

The second one is pretty obvious. It will allow the users to choose the color of the text. Pretty useful in some cases. Also will come in later templates.

Some corrections have been made on the generation of the template, and the SVG export which handled incorrectly the invisible elements. Now, there aren't even transmitted, making the canvas lighter and the export much better !