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My Emacs Configuration

This is my emacs configs which I'm currently running under version 23.0.92.


git clone git://

ln -s ~/20seven-emacs ~/.emacs.d

These configs are used daily for my work to include but not limited to Python/Django, Rails, CSS, JS and GTD (ord-mode).


I try to use as many submodules as I can to keep up to date with development releases. Current submodules are:

  • vendor/color-theme/color-theme-github (heads/master)
  • vendor/color-theme/color-theme-merbivore (heads/master)
  • vendor/color-theme/twilight-emacs (heads/master)
  • vendor/emacs-grep-o-matic (heads/master)
  • vendor/org-mode (release_6.30d-6-g206660b)
  • vendor/remember-2.0 (v2.0-1-gc427b15)
  • vendor/slime (heads/master)
  • vendor/smex (heads/master)
  • vendor/yasnippet/snippets/django-mode (heads/master)