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PHP module for GEOS
Date: Fri Jun 18 15:52:57 CEST 2010
Author: Sandro Santilli <>
The code in this directory provides a PHP module to
make use of functionalities of the GEOS library.
The bindings are linked to the C-API, for betters stability.
You need php5 development tools, often found in
packages named something like 'php5-dev'.
Just add --enable-php to your GEOS configure line
and run 'make'.
Automated testing should be executed on 'make check'
togheter with the rest of the GEOS testsuite.
You can still run 'make check' from this dir for
localized (php-only) testing.
As root (or owner with write access to the directory
returned by php-config --extension-dir),
run 'make install'
... TODO ...
(reference some automatically built doc?)
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