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Mesh is a Validation module for Kohana.


  • Easily Extensible — Need to add your own formats or rules? Simply extend the Mesh_Format or Mesh_Rule classes and add your own defined formats and rules.

  • Process Queue — Run through filters, rules, formats and callbacks in any order. Functions are processed in the order they are added to the Mesh.

  • Exclude functions from validation — Reuse a Mesh validation set and exclude the functions that you don't want processed instead of having to redefine the set.


Define Mesh Fields

// define a mesh field for the users email address
$email_address_field = Mesh_Field::factory('email_address')

// define a mesh field for the users password
$password_field = Mesh_Field::factory('password')
    ->rule(Mesh_Rule::MIN_LENGTH, array(4))
    ->rule(Mesh_Rule::MAX_LENGTH, array(20))

Create a Mesh

// error messages file; {application}/messages/login.php
$error_messages_file = 'account';

// create a Mesh
$form = Mesh::factory($_POST, 'login')
        ->field('email_address', $email_address_field, 'Email address')
		->field('password', $password_field, 'Password');

Validate a Mesh

	// form validates, Yay!
	// boo, we have some errors
	$error_messages = $form->messages();


<?php echo View::factory('mesh/debug'); ?>