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Development Status

Phark is still under active development and is a fair way off from being usable. The basic aim is to get a functional beta released that allows for the basics. Look at the list below to see what's working and what need's doing.

What's working?

  • System installation
  • Parsing of Pharkspec files
  • Basic dependency resolution
  • Local package installation. phark install <directory>.
  • Remote package installation. phark install <packagename>.
  • Listing global packages and project packages phark list
  • Removing global packages with phark remove
  • Show working environment with phark environment
  • Installing of package dependencies phark deps, only with Pharkspec
  • Basic bundling
  • Basic documentation. phark help and phark help <topic>

What needs doing?

  • Fetching only with phark fetch <package>
  • Installing packages as links to local directories with phark link <directory>
  • Better console output with pretty ANSI goodness
  • Parsing Pharkdeps files, installing project deps. phark deps
  • Checking PHP version
  • Lots more documentation

What's left for the future

  • Package signing, web of trust
  • Web app for (signup, register cert, accept package)
  • Submitting phark files to phark publish
  • Searching remote specifications
  • Support grouped dependencies (developent deps only, for instance)
  • GIT support in Pharkdeps
  • SVN support in Pharkdeps
  • PEAR support in Pharkdeps
  • PECL support for building extensions
  • Dependency locking. Pharkdeps.lock
  • Windows support
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