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= Copyright, GPL, No Warranty
Copyright 2010 University of California. Written by Brian Wood. This
code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License. See LICENSE.txt.
No warranty is provided and the author claims no responsibility for
any disasters caused during the execution of this script.
= SSHKey Puppet module
Note: "sshkey" is a bad name choice. Puppet function of same name exists. Chage to something like "sshuserkey" at some point.
Install a user's public key on a server.
Install a user's private key on server. (Take care with security).
== Example:
sshkey::publickey { "aegir public key":
user => $aegir_unix_user,
group => $aegir_unix_group,
sshdir => '/var/aegir/.ssh',
content => "${aegir_key_type} ${aegir_pub_key} ${aegir_key_name}",
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