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What is sass4j?

This library is a java wrapper around the Sass ruby code using JRuby 1.5.6. There are other solutions to this problem, but none of them seemed to be keeping current with the current state of the Sass 3 code line, so I set out to wrap it up so that I can use it from Java, Scala, and other JVM powered languages.

I know everyone wants this to be implemented in native Java or Scala, but then every time there is a new feature or extension added to Sass then you have to implement the changes all over again in the native language. Wrapping the sass stuff in Java using JRuby will allow us to update directly from Sass itself when these new things are added. It might be a long shot, but this also keeps open the possiblity of integrating with Compass or Sass mixins.

What works

Right now you can use all of the command line options that sass accepts on the command line. This includes watching directories, updating, converting, and even the interactive shell.

Maven Plugin

I have added a really hacked up maven plugin just to get started. Embedding JRuby in a Maven plugin certainly adds some overhead but it works for now. This plugin basically wraps the sass --update <from>:<to> command. More options and features to follow.

WARNING: Running this plugin in the same maven invocation as jetty:run will cause issues with the container. Working on a fix.


Full featured Java API

Right now I have only wrapped the command line options so that you can invoke the commands just as you would with Ruby. In order to get this to work as a Maven plugin and a servlet filter, I will try to add some API sugar so that it can be invoked from any JVM language without all of the overhead of creating new script engines every time.

Git Submodule for Sass source

For now I have just copied and hacked the latest source from Sass to get it to work here. I'm hoping to set up some kind of git submodule setup to make it easier to integrate source changes in Sass. There are quite a few hacks to get it to work anyway, but hopefully there is a better way to make this work and I think JRuby 1.6.0 will fix a lot of the issues.