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if exists('g:dont_load_haskell_scion_interface_simple')
" r = scion result with error locations
" func : either setqflist or setloclist
if !exists('g:haskell_qf_hook')
let g:haskell_qf_hook = 'call haskellcomplete#SaneHook()'
" very simple user interface to expose scion functionality
" I'll implement a better interface in tovl.
" (
fun! s:BackgroundTypecheckFile(...)
" no file given defaults to current buffer
let file = a:0 > 0 ? a:1 : expand('%:p')
let r = haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1, 'background-typecheck-file', {'file' : file})
if has_key(r,'Right')
echo haskellcomplete#ScionResultToErrorList('file check', 'setqflist', r['Right'])
call setqflist([{'text' : r['Left']}])
" isn't shown because silent is used below.. and silent is used so that
" <cr> need not to be pressed over and over again
echo "this file could not be checked, reason: ".r['Left']."(-> backgroundTypecheckFile)"
fun! s:FlagCompletion(A,L,P)
let beforeC= a:L[:a:P-1]
let word = matchstr(beforeC, '\zs\S*$')
let list = haskellcomplete#List("supported-flags")
"allow glob patterns:
call filter(list, 'v:val =~ '.string('^'.substitute(word,'*','.*','g')))
return list
fun! s:ListCabalConfigurations(...)
let params = { 'cabal-file' : haskellcomplete#CabalFile()}
if a:0 > 0
let params['type'] = a:1
return haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'list-cabal-configurations', params)
" intentionally suffixing commands by "Scion"
" This way you have less typing. You can still get a list of Scion commands by
" :*Scion<c-d>
" ===== you don't need any project for these: =============
command! -buffer ConnectionInfoScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'connection-info',{})
" list supported languages
command! -buffer ListSupportedLanguagesScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#List('supported-languages')
" list supported pragmas
command! -buffer ListSupportedPragmasScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#List('supported-pragmas')
command! -buffer ListSupportedFlagsScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#List('supported-flags')
command! -buffer ListRdrNamesInScopeScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#List('rdr-names-in-scope')
command! -buffer ListCabalComponentsScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'list-cabal-components',{'cabal-file': haskellcomplete#CabalFile()})
command! -buffer ListExposedModulesScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#List('exposed-modules')
command! -nargs=* ListCabalConfigurationsScion
\ echo s:ListCabalConfigurations(<f-args>)
command! -nargs=1 SetGHCVerbosityScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'set-ghc-verbosity',{'level': 1*<f-args>})
command! -nargs=1 SetVerbosityScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'set-verbosity',{'level': 1*<f-args>})
command! -nargs=0 GetVerbosityScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'get-verbosity',{})
command! -nargs=0 CurrentComponentScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'current-component',{})
command! -nargs=0 CurrentCabalFileScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'current-cabal-file',{})
command! -nargs=0 DumpDefinedNamesScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'dump-defined-names',{})
command! -nargs=0 DefinedNamesScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'defined-names',{})
command! -nargs=1 NameDefinitions
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'name-definitions',{'name' : <f-args>})
command! -buffer -nargs=* -complete=file BackgroundTypecheckFileScion
\ call s:BackgroundTypecheckFile(<f-args>)
command! -nargs=0 ForceUnloadScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'force-unload',{})
command! -nargs=0 DumpSourcesScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'dump-sources',{})
command! -nargs=1 -complete=customlist,s:FlagCompletion -buffer AddCommandLineFlagScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'add-command-line-flag',{'flags': [<f-args>]})
" ===== loading a cabal project: ============================
" assuming pwd is current cabal directory containing the .cabal file
" optional argument specifies the cabal build (dist) directory
command! -buffer -nargs=* -complete=file OpenCabalProjectScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#OpenCabalProject('open-cabal-project',<f-args>)
command! -buffer -nargs=* -complete=file ConfigureCabalProjectScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#OpenCabalProject('configure-cabal-project', <f-args>)
command! -buffer ThingAtPointScion
\ echo haskellcomplete#EvalScion(1,'thing-at-point', {'file' : expand('%:p'), 'line' : 1*line('.'), 'column' : 1*col('.')})
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