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- amazon request response success #signature problem?
- demo video
- implement ssl cert
- proxy support
Default driver needs the following at the end of the init:
self.options["protocol.http.proxy"] = "http://yourproxyserver:8080/"
- ebay working examples
- cleanup temporary files on startup
- serve this as catalina web app (finalize on war or ruby web server) (rake task)
- create a java executable that works for mac osx and windows xp (rake task)
java -cp "ruby-processing/app.rb:ruby-processing/exporters/applet_exporter.rb:ruby-processing/exporters/application_exporter.rb:ruby-processing/exporters/base_exporter.rb:ruby-processing/exporters/creator.rb:ruby-processing/helpers/numeric.rb:ruby-processing/helpers/string.rb:ruby-processing/runner.rb:ruby-processing/runners/base.rb:ruby-processing/runners/live.rb:ruby-processing/runners/run.rb:ruby-processing/runners/watch.rb:ruby-processing.rb:sand_chaser.rb:core/core.jar:core/jruby-complete.jar:jogl.jar:opengl.jar" org.jruby.Main ruby-processing/runners/run.rb sand_chaser.rb
- after add or delete enums should be select boxes not strings
- after load the add and delete buttons need to come back
- remaining namespace issue test_min_max_empty_with_complext_type_and_subtypes_and_arrays line 253
- enums when loaded and not set should be default to nil
- simple fault responses should have a better ui.
- bug for backslashes for local files on windows systems
- empty request. service alive without type
- mouse over table highlight
- create a quick driver to generate ruby tests
- create a gui to do a visual diff of expected responses vs actual responses.
- google get an api key and try some requests out. soap service discontinued
- test cases should not dependent on an network connection.
- implement password authentication
- enums when loaded and set should be select boxes not strings
- ICmfindInventory build default instance with SchemaSequenceDefinition bug (i think this is already fixed)
- findInventory array build default instance with Array of complextype bug (i think this is already fixed)
- loading bug optional fields missing should build default instance then populate it.
- make enums work as select boxes need to figure a way to make nil preserve the enum type dynamically
- fix arrays of arrays not getting sub arrays on xml load
- receipt messages bug missing on load.
- min max occurs disappears on reload.
- remove other loads and saves
- save and load wsdl
- local save and load for requests and responses.
- upload wsdl
- findInventory ServiceAlive bug (think this is due to a malformed wsdl method def) (confirmed bad wsdl)
- get all demo xmls working
- investigate awardMethodENum bug
- add nillable to the attributes of each element
- fix for nillable false minoccurs = 0
- nil PromotionId, AppliedStatus, and QualifyType bugs.
- fix for booleans
- submission bugs (soap faults should be displayed)
- fix for errors requiring a restard due to chdir
- upload feature
- remove implicit .xml file extension
- manually create and submit an xml
- fix on restart of server having to go back to the method selector page.
- make sure the appliedStatus is returned correctly from the server
- result display bugs -may already be fixed with the array of simple types fix
- appliedstatus bug result display bug enum must get text
- findInventory service name bug
- coloring of sub tables
- qualifingTenders visibility bug
- (service name methods bug)
- patch jruby openssl hex digit
- patch jruby yaml load
- run the app via jruby (collect all the gem dependencies)
- store minoccurs maxoccurs in marshaller (alternative was to look it up at runtime from schemadef)
- fix namespace issue for generated code with same name
- save service descriptor locally so that tests are really unit tests.
- add a button to save the response xml for later comparison
- the response should be displayed on the screen.
- ui generate a ui that indents subelements correctly.
- convert from obj to xml and from xml to obj
- the submit button should gather all the inputs from the form and generate the request and send it to the server defined in the endpoint.
- optional fields should be marked as such
- there should be a save button that allows you to store the request for later
- there should be a load button to load a previously saved request.
- the add button should send a request to the server and the response should reflect this change
- map from soap4r object graph to form fields
- translate from form fields and data to a soap4r object representing the tree.
- fields that can occur more than once should have an "add field" button next to them to duplicate the input forms.
- create a default empty instance of a soap4r object from the wsdl
- accept a local(saved on hard drive) or remote (http:) copy of the wsdl and give a drop down of all methods the service handles.
- after selecting a method a web form should be generated according to the required and optional fields.