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Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Gilbert Ashley <>
Copyright (C) 2009 Timothy Goya <>
src2pkg-ng is a complete experimental redesign of the src2pkg package
creation tool. The the primary difference in src2pkg-ng is the new
scripting API. This new API follows the same general process as the old one,
but is more explicit, transparent, and flexible.
src2pkg-ng is unstable and not suitable for daily use. Those using
src2pkg-ng must be fully prepared for the possibility that it may kill
puppies. The scripting API may change drastically at any time. src2pkg-ng
supports fewer build systems and sandboxing methods than src2pkg.
The src2pkg-ng executable behaves like a command interpreter. This command
interpreter does not yet support an interactive mode. It cannot
automatically create a package from a tarball, you must use a src2pkg-ng
script. See the SCRIPTING_API file for details on the fuctions you can use
in a src2pkg-ng script.
In order to get vim to do pretty bash syntax coloring for src2pkg-ng
scripts, add these two lines to your .vimrc:
au BufEnter *.src2pkg-ng let is_bash=1
au BufEnter *.src2pkg-ng set ft=sh
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