Code to demonstrate how to write maintainable automated acceptance tests.
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Writing Maintainable Automated Acceptance Tests

This is the demo code for my demonstration of how to write maintainable automated acceptance tests.


README.markdown : The file you are now reading.

Rakefile : Commands and utilities for running tests. Type rake -T to see the commands.

app : The application being tested. cli.rb is the command line version. server.rb is the web version.

atest : Acceptance tests for the app. These are the ugly versions of the tests, replete with incidental details and duplication. Over the course of the demonstration, I show how to improve these tests incrementally, making them clearer and more adaptable to change.

examples : A sampling of the acceptance tests at various stages during the demonstration.

unit : Unit tests for the app.

See Also

My article (PDF) that walks through the demonstration.

My blog post on the topic, with interesting comments from readers.

Robot Framework, the testing tool I used in the demo.

Bob Martin's video demonstrating the same principles with FitNesse, another acceptance test automation tool.