Intel 8080 CPU emulation library
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An accurate, well tested emulation library for the Intel 8080 written in C99.


lib8080 consists of just 2 files. To use it in your project, just include i8080.h, compile and run.

See for an overview of the API.


lib8080 is heavily tested using AttoUnit. Unit tests are located in test/unit. Every CPU instruction is tested at least once, with many having multiple tests to verify correct behaviour with regard to status flags / edge cases, etc.

lib8080 uses CMake as its build system. To run the unit tests, first build the test binary and run it as follows:

cmake .
make lib8080test -j2

This repository also contains four CP/M test binaries that verify the functionality of the 8080 pretty comprehensively. They are:

  • CPUTEST.COM by Supersoft Associates
  • TEST.COM by Microcosm Associates
  • 8080PRE.COM by Frank D. Cringle and Ian Bartholomew
  • 8080EXM.COM by Frank D. Cringle and Ian Bartholomew

Notably, the last one (8080EXM.COM) is the "8080 CPU Exerciser", which takes more than 3 hours to run on a regularly clocked 2 MHz 8080 and tests essentially everything that can be tested on an 8080.

These binaries are located in test/integration/test_bins, and files containing their expected output are located in test/integration/test_bins/output.

They can be easily run using the cpmloader program (built with make target of the same name). cpmloader emulates a very minimal CP/M system only supporting BDOS functions 2 and 9 (output character and output string).

As an example, to use cpmloader to run TEST.COM from the top level directory, use:

./cpmloader test/integration/test_bins/TEST.COM

The script automatically runs all test binaries using cpmloader.


MIT © Rhys Rustad-Elliott

CP/M binaries used for testing are copyright their respective owners:

  • CPUTEST.COM © 1981 Supersoft Associates
  • TEST.COM © 1980 Microcosm Associates
  • 8080PRE.COM (GPLv3) © 1994 Frank D. Cringle © 2009 Ian Bartholomew
  • 8080EXM.COM (GPLv3) © 1994 Frank D. Cringle © 2009 Ian Bartholomew