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Modula-2 Libraries:

  • OLSON Associates Modula-2 Library Olsen & Associates Portable Modula-2 Library. Description from README: "The library's foremost feature is its portability. Applications which use the library should be portable (usually w/o modification) and the library definition and current implementation should easily port to other systems. The library was originally centered around I/O, but has been expanded to include those facilities which we found were required for Modula-2 application programming in general." I have to add: portability in this case means portability between the Sun Modula-2 compiler and the Logitech compiler for DOS systems.
  • C.-Lins Modula-2 Software Component Library The Software Component Library by Charles Lins which was quite known in the Modula-2 community a long time ago. The source code provided was published with three books teaching Modula-2. A short description: "Charles Lins collection of reusable standard software components, could be the basis for every programmers software project in Modula-2. Components that are implementations of commonly used data structures are presented, along with an adequate description of their functionality and efficiency." Forked from ""
  • Andrea M Modula-2 Library John Andrea's libraries and example code: quite a lot of reusable code, some really interesting things (for example a module for handling .bmp graphics). Forked from ""
  • Peter Moylan PMOS Library: Forked from "" PMOS by Peter Moylan: description from homepage: "PMOS is a large library of Modula-2 modules, distributed in source form. Its primary purpose is to make it easy to write multitasking programs for real-time and/or embedded applications. However it also contains a number of modules of interest even if you don't want to write multitasking code: screen windows and screen graphics modules, various device drivers, and a variety of utility modules. PMOS is free for non-profit use."