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What's new in Gunbot XT Edition

Here's a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot XT Edition (v6.0.2).

v6.0.2 fixes several issues reported for v6.0.1 and adds several new features. It is strongly recommended to upgrade from v6.0.1 to v6.0.2!

It is recommended to do a clean install in a new folder, because of several new settings in config.js and changed default values.

Core changes

  • BTC pump protection: automatically prevent buy orders from being placed when BTC price and volume are under high pressure. This is configurable per strategy or pair using OKKIES_MODE and BTC_MONEY_FLOW.

  • Order recalculation: Gunbot now automatically cancels unfulfilled orders when the current price moved away. This also affects manually placed orders - when you run the bot on the same pair.

  • Configurable cache cleaner: some users reported cache issues after running Gunbot for a longer period, which prevented orders being placed. Gunbot can now be automatically restarted every x hours with BOT_CCLEAN - cleaning the cache every restart.

  • TSSL: Various improvements and a new default value for GAIN to prevent possibly selling at loss due to exchange fees.

  • BBRSITSSL: Added GAIN to the default strategy settings.

  • BBSRI: fix to no longer cause the strategy to override stop limit.

  • TradingView: several bugfixes and two new parameters: TV_TRADING_LIMIT_CAP and TV_STOPLOSS_PERCENTAGE. Unfulfilled orders are now automatically deleted.

  • TA library: Tuning TA library to what we need. Cleaning up some deprecated stuff.

  • Reduced data usage: fixed to decrease the amount of network traffic used by Gunbot.

  • Various: fix an issue that would display wrong message "Safety switch is on..." when the STOP_LIMIT is hit.

  • Various: fix pair cycling on Cryptopia.

GUI changes

  • Pause logs: logs can now be paused on the dashboard.
  • Improved dashboard performance: fixing performance issues related to handling big log files.
  • Strategy sorting: Strategies are now sorted logically in the strategy chooser dropdown.
  • Exchange keys: trim blank spaces from input for API and secret.


Changes in v6.0.1

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