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To start the GUI, open a command console in this folder

  • Install node.js and do a npm install on this folder (this is explained on the installation section)
  • Start it with node like node app.js
  • On windows, open cmd and navigate using cd to Gunbot folder then pm2 start gunthy.exe
  • On linux use your repository to install it, for ubuntu: sudo apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy pm2
  • To connect to your webUI visit this link
  • If you use Chrome or another browser that doesnt allow self signed SSL certificates, visit this page and add an exception to the security warning you get on your screen:
  • Go back to
  • Visit the configurator page and make your changes
  • Visit the View page and select exchange and the first pair on the list (i.e. select poloniex > BTC_XMR > press CHANGE button)
  • press START and look at your console values to fill with trading datas.
  • Enjoy
  • To start without GUI: edit config.js with a text editor and then run the executable.
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