When To Stop GunBot And Go Manual

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This article is about a legacy Gunbot version

When To Stop GunBot And Go Manual

So the dump is here and the Bollinger Band didn't support you enough. Had You been spending hours on the troll box and probably got banned a couple of hours because you wanted to talk about the dump and hump, isn't it? Ok, I'll show you how to stop your GUNBOT without losing money (or losing just a little part of it if you really want to...i don't!).

  • Rule of thumb (and kinda obvious): take a note of target price to sell in your GUNBOT price updater. If you can't find it, scroll back to the last buy order: there is the last price, the target buy price and the target sell price (picture below):

enter image description here enter image description here

  • now go to your poloniex dashboard and place a sell order of all your coins at the selling price that GUNBOT gave you
  • stop your GUNBOT
  • start your GUNBOT again or, as an alternative, let it go if you don't want to trade on that pair anymore.

When do you need to do this? Only when you see your coin falling down and then stabilizes on a lower price for a while AND you have an open buy order at poloniex book: it will eventually recover later but you would loose a lot of trades at the new lower level. Some dumbs would sell at market price: I do not suggest it unless all devs of your coin just announced an exit scam


enter image description here

Q.: Help! I accidentally closed my GUNBOT while a buy order was on the book!

A.: Go at your poloniex dashboard and look at your trades: multiply the buy price per 1,25% (or whatever Margin to sell you put in the configurator +0.25% as poloniex fee). That's the selling price. Place a manual order to sell all your coins at that price. Start GUNBOT again.

Q.: I have a sell order on the book, how to stop GUNBOT?

A.: Just shut down your GUNBOT, no further actions needed: poloniex will continue to keep your sell order until fulfilled and then it's over on that pair.

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