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This clientside version of snowballs is an addition to the SnowBalls Bukkit plugin. ( )
It queries the server on login to send the custom recipes enabled in SnowBalls, to add them clientside as well.

This has a couple advantages. First, when you use auto-crafting, ie auto-64stack with 1 click, this will allow you
to do so without having to continously clicking in the result window. It will also allow you to craft a lot faster
if you want to quickly craft something.

In short this bypasses the "lag" induced from server <-> client with custom recipes.

To install this mod (if you downloaded the snowballs-client jar), simply put the jar in your ~/.minecraft/mods/ folder.
It doesn't modify any core minecraft files, so i decided that would be the best way to install it.
I's easier to uninstall as well like that.

Note: If you're not a plugin developer or don't want to take a look at the source code, just delete the src/ folder.
It's not required to run or do anything.
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