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Awesome Ark Awesome

A curated list of ARK Projects

Table of Contents

Node Implementations


Libraries written in different languages providing an interface to an ARK blockchain.

  • Arky - Pythonic way to work with Ark.io
  • Ark-JS - JavaScript library for sending Ark transactions from the client or server
  • Ark-Go - Go-lang library
  • Ark-Java - JVM library written in groovy
  • ARKKit - macOS & iOS Swift Framework
  • Ark-TS - An ARK API wrapper, written in TypeScript
  • Ark-C - C Client
  • Ark-Net - .NET Client
  • Ark-PHP - PHP Client library
  • Ark-Ruby - Ruby
  • Ark-Rust - Rust Client
  • SwiftyArk - A Swift Framework build for the Ark Ecosystem
  • Ark-Laravel - An Ark bridge for Laravel
  • Ark-Elixir - Elixir Client
  • Pythark - API Wrapper in Python.
  • Luark - API Wrapper in Lua.
  • Ark-Cpp - API Wrapper in Arduino/C++.

User Interfaces


  • Ark-Desktop - Multi Platform Ark Wallet Lite Client
  • Ark-Client - Command line interface written in js/vorpal


  • Ark-Explorer - Frontend of ARK Blockchain Explorer using AngularJS and TypeScript.
  • Ark-PaperWallet - Paper wallet generator for Ark cryptocurrency.
  • Ark-PaperWalletPi - Ark-PaperWallet packaged with a webserver for offline use
  • Ark-Faucet - Code to run your own Ark faucet
  • ArkStats-Reporter - Backend service used to report statistics for the Ark network
  • Ark-QRCode - A web component to generate QR codes for ARK payments.


Developer Tools

Delegate Tools

Hardware Integrations


  • Ark-Ledger - Ledger App for Nano S and Nano Blue

Internet Of Things


Community Resources


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.



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