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Kotlin and java versions

Getting Started

In this description we use connection to simple server with Bearer authorization.

Also, in this repository you can find app example written in kotlin language.


Working .net core SignalR server.


implementation 'com.smartarmenia:dotnetcoresignalrclientjava:1.14'

or (for Android Studio 2.x)

compile 'com.smartarmenia:dotnetcoresignalrclientjava:1.14'

Kotlin example

For alpha version

private val connection: HubConnection = WebSocketHubConnection("http(https)://hubaddress/", "Bearer your_token")

For preview2-final version

private val connection: HubConnection = WebSocketHubConnectionP2("http(https)://hubaddress/", "Bearer your_token")
connection.subscribeToEvent(event, listener)

Invoke method

connection.invoke("Method", params...)

Java example

For alpha version

final HubConnection connection = new WebSocketHubConnection("http(https)://hubaddress/", "Bearer your_token");

For preview2-final version

final HubConnection connection = new WebSocketHubConnectionP2("http(https)://hubaddress/", "Bearer your_token");
connection.subscribeToEvent(event, listener);

Invoke method

connection.invoke("Method", params...);


If you get Multidex... error on compile, clean and rebuild project

Contribution and Issues

If you want to participate in this project or have proposals, ideas or wishes, please create issue.

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