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'G15 Gmail notifier' provides periodic updates that pertain to the user's gmail inbox. The notifier working in background, displays a message on the LCD of Logitech's G15 keyboard, when the user recieves new mail, and allows to open inbox directly from the G15 buttons.


$ g15-gmail-notifier [[OPTIONS]]


  • libgmail
  • g15message


g15-gmail-notifier -l eBay            # Check for e-mails labelled "eBay".
g15-gmail-notifier -d 5               # Check for e-mails every 5 seconds.
g15-gmail-notifier -u name -p pass    # Pass login credentials directly.


Option  GNU long version   Meaning
-u      --username         Gmail account name or e-mail address
-p      --password         Accompanying password
-l      --label            Folder label to browse e.g. all, spam, etc. [inbox]
-d      --delay            Time interval, in seconds, to check new mails. [10]


G15 Gmail notifier is GPL Licensed. See the LICENSE file for terms.

(c) 2008 Gurpartap Singh —

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