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This is an Android application using the new FusedLocationProviderClient API, Material Design and UI, Location Manager, Weather updates,Compass and so on.
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Location Information.

This is an android project using the new FusedLocationProviderClient as the FusedLocationApi has been depreciated and using GClient is no longer useful and also includes other features like Weather updates using JSON parsing, Compass and so on.
This project includes the following topics:

  • Material UI and design with faint animations.
  • Fetch Latitude,Longitude and so on using FusedLocationProviderClient API.
  • Material design compass and Weather UI.
  • JSON Object creation.
  • Parsing Latitude and Longitude into URI classes and Geo codes.

Material Design.

Every design structure and UI implemented here is according to the guidelines of Google Design precisely Material Design. Includes smooth transitions and other minor UI tweaks with a rich dashboard UI.

FusedLocationProviderClient API.

This is used mainly because in the new Google Play Services update the class FusedLocationProvider API will be depreciated and developers will be recommended to use FusedLocationProviderClient. Learn and Implement the new API using this project or head over to the documentation of FusedLocationProvierClient.

Weather updates.

Using JSON objects and AsyncTasks this is done, the API used is the global Weather Location API which results in the slight inaccuracy in Time and also the Place it returns. You can use much more accurate API keys to make this better.

Enter coordinates & Search places.

You can also enter custom coordinates and search it on map-service providers, like Google Maps, Uber and so on. Also includes searching a place and also viewing them on map-serivce providers. This involves the implementation of URI classes and passing the geo code for either query or others. For more information visit the official documentation of Google Maps Intents.


MIT License. View here.


Google Play Store link:

This has been Lisenced and hence will be issued for copyrights, and is only for documentational and educational purposes.

Location Info

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