access Pushbullet from the command line
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Pushbullet CLI interface


$ pip install pushbullet-cli 


Use Pushbullet from the command line.

First of all, set your API key by running:

$ pb set-key

Then pasting your API key at the prompt.

Push stdin to all devices:

$ echo "hello" | pb push

Push text to all devices:

$ pb push "I love burritos"

Pick a device to push to:

$ pb list-devices
# Find the index of your desired device
$ pb push -d 0 "iPhones cannot eat burritos"

Push links:

$ pb push --link

Push files:

$ pb push --file /path/to/burrito_photo.jpg

Push to all subscribers of channel:

$ pb push -c "CHANNEL" "Why burritos are better than tacos"

Send an SMS:

$ pb sms -d 0 -n +123456789 "I sense a soul in search of answers"

List you pushes:

$ pb list -c 20


  • 0.7.6
    • List previous pushes (#35)
    • Avoid prompt the user when message is piped (#34)
    • Removes default title (Note) (#36)


Many thanks to the original author @r-darwish

Pull requests are welcome