Using Pico2wave to ease from the recovery text to the clipboard or a file so unlimited.
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This program converts a text file to a .wav file. For this linux software Pico2Wave is used. What Pico2Wave does is that it takes limited number of characters for text-to-speech conversion. This program solves this problem.


System : the compliant systems under linux kernels: Debian, Ubuntu, Maemo ...

The SVOX Pico engine is a software speech synthesizer for German, English (GB and US), Spanish, French and Italian.

Installation required :

- svox (pico2wave)

Svox package maemo dispnible on

Installation order:

- libttspico-data (
- libttspico0 (
- libttspico-utils (
- libttspico-dev (
- sudo apt-get install libttspico0 libttspico-utils libttspico-data


There are options given for the command-line input, which would basically provide the user specifications of what type of speech does he/she wants. The options are as follows :

    -i, --input_text_file   reads a text file
    -o, --output-folder   destination folder (defaults to current folder)
    -l, --lang  Language (default: default_lang)

Options for languages :
    en-US   English
    en-GB   Great Britain
    de-DE   German
    es-ES   Spanish
    fr-FR   French
    it-IT   Italian

Command-line Input Type:

$ ./ [-i|--input_text_file] <input text file name> [-l|--lang fr-FR] [-o|--output-folder] <output directory>

Help Option :
    -h, --Help  Show this message

NOTE: the optional parameter [-l | --lang] by default = en-GB

In the current directory of "" it will generate the audio_book.wav file.