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Gwent Data

This project contains scripts that transforms the Gwent card data contained in xml files into a nice json format that you can use in your Gwent projects.


This project is no longer actively maintained. I haven't played Gwent in a long time and have finally lost interest in maintaining my own personal Gwent project that uses gwent-data. Thank you for your support since the closed beta.


  1. Find and unzip "Path\to\Gwent\GWENT_Data\StreamingAssets\data_definitions". It's a zip file, even if your OS doesn't recognise it as such.
  2. Unzip e.g. unzip -d data_definitions
  3. gwent-data uses the Gwent patch version name to generate urls for the card images. Therefore, if you are not supplying your own image url, you'll need to get the latest patch name. Open GOG to find the name of the latest Gwent version e.g. v1.2.1
  4. Run, passing in the data_definitions directory and the patch version name. e.g. python3 data_definitions/ -p v1.2.1
  5. Make sure your project conforms to the Gwent Fan Content Guidelines.

(Optional) Using your own card images

When a Gwent update is released, CDPR sends me a zip file with the new card images. I then run a script to upload them to a Google Cloud Storage bucket so they can be used in gwent-data. It usually takes a couple of days after the update for CDPR to send me the images and for me to upload them. Sometimes I am away when an update is released and I am unable to upload card images for an extended period of time. Therefore you may want to host your own card images. CDPR will supply them to you if you message Burza with some details on your Gwent project.

You can use the -i or --images option to specify your own image url. If you pass in a url with placeholder strings, gwent-data will replace them with the correct values.


python3 data_definitions/ -i{cardId}.png

This will correctly replace {cardId} with the correct value for each card.

Here are all the placeholders you can use:

Placeholder Replaced By Notes
{patch} The Gwent patch version name If you use this in your image url, you must also supply a patch name using the -p argument. E.g. python3 data_definitions/ -i{patch}/{cardId}.png -p v1.2.1
{cardId} The card's ingame id
{variationId} The id of the variation of the card Variations are an artifact of the old way Gwent stored card data. Currently all cards have 1 variation.
{size} The size of the image Possible values: original, high, medium, low, thumbnail
{artId} The id of this card image Each card image has an art id that is different to the card id. In the future, cards may have more than 1 card art.


Scripts that read data from Gwent xml files and turn them into JSON data







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