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A complex table component designed for the material design specifications
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GWT Material Table Build Status Join us

A complex table component designed for the material design specifications!


Latest Demo


Support documentation can be found here


Current Version 2.3.0


Snapshot Version 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT


Setup Guide

Import the GMD Table library (using Maven or using the Jar file).

<inherits name=""/>

Or debug module:

<inherits name=""/>


Apache 2.0 License


Contributions are welcomed by all! If you would like to submit changes be sure to fork this project and create a Pull Request for us to review. PR's will be reviewed by the team as soon as possible. You will also be listed as a contributor on our changelog notes.

Please follow the contribution document on the projects code style standards.

Testing Platform

Many thanks to BrowserStack for sponsoring our Open Source projects

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