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Arthur - Another one of those bots that does things. It has an active developer, at least for now. He'll probably respond to anything you ask him within a short amount of time.

Arthur does have some hot features that other bots don't, but not that many. To list a few, mp3 which downloads and converts YouTube videos to mp3, and webshot which takes a full-length shot of a website. And I think the leveling system is pretty damn nice, but who knows. More features are always being added, just wait a while because the developer is very slow to add things.

I guess the overall point of this is that Arthur is like a nice multipurpose bot. Yeah.

Eh, we're going back to using an MIT license, I feel weird having contributors but still being under copyright. To get this bot up and running, you'll probably need to add quite a lot of files to a ../media directory, and since I'm not really trying to decentralize this bot, that challenge is up to you.

PRs, issues, complaints, whatever, all welcome. You can also complain in the support server above.