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This repository contains the HiPS files for the SPIRE and PACS imaging and the HELP catalogues. These allow efficient viewing of the imaging on various scales. You can see a simple example in one in the folders for each data set. Alternatively these can be referenced by Aladdin (Lite or Desktop) and overlaid on other images.

The HELP viewer is at

Each single band map is is in a separate folder including a false colour map made from the SPIRE bands. Use these links to add the layers in Aladin Desktop or to embed your own Aladin Lite instances.

We also provide HiPS for the full HELP DR1 A list catalogue. The A list is contains the objects with optical and near infrared detections, photometric redshifts, XID+ farinfrared fluxes, and CIGALE spectral energy distibution fits. We also provide the full HELP DR1 masterlist which contains all objects in HELP.

Authors: Raphael Shirley, Yannick Roehlly, Peter Hurley, Ken Duncan, Kasia Malek, Estelle Pons, Seb Oliver


For a full description of the database and how it is organised in to dmu_products please see the top level readme.

The Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project, (HELP), is a European Commission Research Executive Agency funded project under the SP1-Cooperation, Collaborative project, Small or medium-scale focused research project, FP7-SPACE-2013-1 scheme, Grant Agreement Number 607254.


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