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Python module and command line tool to work with HELP data.
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Herschel Extragalactic Legacy Project python module

This Python module aims at facilitating the work with HELP data. It also contains tools that are useful while building the project database.


While we are developing HELP, it's better to install the package in development mode. Provided you installed Anaconda or miniconda here are the commands to run (from within the cloned GitHub repository):

$ conda create -n herschelhelp python=3
$ source activate herschelhelp
$ conda install astropy click sqlalchemy scipy
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python develop
$ python database_builder/

You will need to activate this new environment with source activate herschelhelp when you want to use this module or its command.

Command line

This module provides a herschelhelp command line for an easy access to some tools. This command has (will have) several sub-commands to perform various tasks. Running the command alone will show the list of available (sub)commands. Running herschelhelp <COMMAND> --help will display the help on the given command.

Note for macOS users: to be able to use the command line, the locale of the system must be set to an UTF-8 one, see this page.

Running inside a Jupyter notebook

If one need to use this code inside a Jupyter notebook, one should install the notebook stuff:

$ conda install notebook

and add the environment Python to the list of kernels for Jupyter:

$ python -m ipykernel install --user --name helpext --display-name "Python (herschelhelp_python)"

The notebooks must be set to use this kernel.

Note: maybe it's not mandatory to install the full notebook and only the ipykernel is required if Jupyter is already installed on the system.

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