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Zabbix Template for LXC containers on Linux
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Zabbix Template LXC

A. Requirements

Templates were developed on:

Zabbix 2.0.x
Debian 7 x86_64 (turnkey linux) with kernel 3.2.0 and LXC 0.8.0

B. Installation

  • copy file "zabbix-lxc.conf" into your zabbix-agent include folder

  • copy file "sudoers.d-zabbix-agent" into /etc/sudoers.d folder (and install sudo package)

  • copy scripts into /etc/zabbix/scripts folder (with 755 perms)

  • import xml file as template into your zabbix-server

C. Monitored Items

through Discovery:

  • PID of lxc container "{#NAME}"

  • STATE of lxc container "{#NAME}"

  • CPU acct (accumulated) - SYSTEM/USER - "{#NAME}"

  • Memory Usage of "{#NAME}"

  • Memory Usage Max. of "{#NAME}"

Memory advanced items:

  • Memory cache

  • Memory swap

  • Memory rss

  • Memory mapped_file

  • Memory pgfault

  • Memory pgmajfault

D. License

This template were distributed under GNU General Public License 2.

E. Docs

F. Copyright

Copyright (c) 2014 Patrik Majer

G. Authors

Patrik Majer (patrik.majer.pisek |at| gmail |dot| com)

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