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Swim Surfaces don't have to be flat

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Hoikas committed Sep 11, 2018
1 parent a672db7 commit f94ef379d9fccf64e6eac82eb7570b1a60d212a1
Showing with 1 addition and 4 deletions.
  1. +1 −4 korman/properties/modifiers/
@@ -115,10 +115,7 @@ def export(self, exporter, bo, so):
if bo.plasma_modifiers.water_basic.enabled:
simIface, physical = exporter.physics.generate_flat_proxy(bo, so, bo.location[2], swim_phys_name)
simIface, physical = exporter.physics.generate_flat_proxy(bo, so, None, swim_phys_name)
except ExportAssertionError:
raise ExportError("Swimming Surface '{}' must be flat".format(
simIface, physical = exporter.physics.generate_physical(bo, so, "trimesh", swim_phys_name)
physical.LOSDBs |= plSimDefs.kLOSDBSwimRegion
if exporter.mgr.getVer() != pvMoul:
physical.memberGroup = plSimDefs.kGroupLOSOnly

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