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This little plugin helps to declare complex form logic, like 'show this <input> when user select this option'. Yes! In declarative style.
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`$('form selector').grewform({
    //Selectors are CSS/jQuery compatible. You can select inputs by values setted runtime: 'input[value=foo]'
    'rule_selector' or 'rule_selector_1 AND rule_selector_2]:
        //all actions are optional and rolls back automatically
        show:'elements_selector',   //showing elements (slideDown; slideUp on rollback)
        hide:'elements_selector',   //hiding elements (slideUp; slideDown on rollback)
        disable:'elements selecotr' //adding disabled="disabled" to attributes (remove on rollback)
        enable:'elements selecotr'  //removing disabled from attributes (adding on rollback)
        check:'elements selecotr'   //adding disabled="checked" to attributes (remove on rollback)
        uncheck:'elements selecotr' //removing "checked" from attributes (adding on rollback)
        set_value: { //setting value (<input> and <select> are supported, setting "selected" for <option> matched by value; restoring values on rollback)
        set_html: { //setting html (restoring html on rollback)
        add_options: {          //for adding options to selects
            '<select> selector':{
            '<select> selector': function   //should return obj formatted like described above
        custom: {       //for custom actions
            match:function,     //will be called when rule selector matches at least one element
            unmatch:function,   //will be called on rollback


$().grewform.reset(); // reset all rules (i.e. turn off)
$().grewform.runRules(); //manualy run rules


jQuery 1.7 or more

Check out demos

More help in article(RUS)

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