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πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί LIGHTest Pumpkin Seed Oil Demo πŸ’š
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LIGHTest πŸ’š Pumpkin Seed Oil πŸ’š Demo

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί LIGHTest demo for the EC review. πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

Also known as WP3, WP4 and WP6 Cookbook demo.

Repository Overview

  • atv: JFX build of AutomaticTrustVerifier-GUI
  • tpat: JFX build of TrustPolicyAuthoringTool
  • scenario1: Transaction & Policy for Scenario 1
  • scenario2: Transaction & Policy for Scenario 2
  • scenario3: Transaction & Policy for Scenario 3
  • usecase_simple: another (unrelated) scenario
  • _work: Certificates, keys, translations, other transactions & policies
    • client: ATV & ASiC-Creator client in Java
      • TSPA Client
      • ASiC-Creator Client
      • ATV Client
      • Client to verify files used in demos

Demo Overview

Step 1-2: (Actor: Pumpkin Oil Federation, POF):

POF setup TSPA (including Trust List)

POF setup TTA (including rules)

Step 3 (Actor: 3 different buyers):

Create transactions for Alice to verify

Step 4-5: (Actor: Alice the Verifier):

Create Trust Policies (using graphical editor, NL editor and TPL)

Verify Transactions received via Mail (3 different transactions showing different certificates: POF, eIDAs, Turkish)

Demo Script

  • Scenario 1:
    • Buyer from POF Scheme wants to buy Oil
    • Directly trusted by Policy
  • Scenario 2:
    • Buyer from eIDAS or TR want to buy Oil
    • Trusted via Trust Translation
  • Scenario 3:
    • Policy extended to support Orders in PDF format

Scenario 1

  • Step 1: Briefly show publication of POF Scheme (via Python Script or Java Client)
  • Step 3: Show order_pof1.xml
  • Step 3: Show order_pof1.asice
  • Step 4: Show policy0_pof.tpl (or create using TPAT)
  • Step 5: Open ATV with order_pof1.asice and policy0_pof.tpl

Scenario 2

  • Step 2: Briefly show publication of Trust Translation (via Postman)
  • Step 3: Show order_tr1.xml
  • Step 3: Show order_tr1.asice
  • Step 4: Show policy2_pof_withTranslation.tpl
  • Step 5: Open ATV with order_tr1.asice and policy2_pof_withTranslation.tpl

Scenario 3

  • Step 3: Explain eID / Handysignatur
  • Step 3: Show order.pdf
  • Step 3: Use PDF-Over or A-Trust to sign order.pdf
  • Step 4: Show policy3_pof_withTranslation_withPades.tpl
  • Step 5: Open ATV with order_signed.pdf and policy3_pof_withTranslation_withPades.tpl

Video Recordings

Only the following steps require Internet connection:

  • Scenario 1, Step 1: Publish POF Trust Scheme
  • Scenario 1, Step 5: Run ATV
  • Scenario 2, Step 2: Publish Trust Translation
  • Scenario 2, Step 5: Run ATV
  • Scenario 3, Step 3: Run PDF-Over
  • Scenario 3, Step 5: Run ATV
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