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Minimal Requirements

- RaspberryPi 3
- Debian bases Linux (to use installscript)

Install on RaspberryPi

First you have to clone the github repo of Hector

git clone

This repository doesn't contain a frontent. To get the original Hector9000 frontend see:

To start the Hector software first move into the directory:

cd Hector9000

Then run this command to setup all necessary tools:


Or run it with the option "-c" to preset the mqtt preconfig for the WebUI

./ -c

To start the software run:


Add Drinks

To add a new Drink you have to modify the file and add a new item into the drink_list array formatted as followed:

    "name": "NAME OF DRINK",
    "recipe": [
        ("ingr", "INGREDIENT1", AMOUNT1),
        ("ingr", "INGREDIENT2", AMOUNT2)

All strings in UPPERCASE are placeholders, all lowercase strings have to be used literally in the definition. The INGREDIENTx names are not cleartext but are identifiers referencing into the ingredients list below in the same file. The AMOUNTx values are numerical values of the corresponding ingredient's amount in grams.

At the moment there are only some ingredients but feel free to put in some new. You can add them in src/Hector/conf/ . Or you can use the WebUI when it is implemented.

A future extension might allow multi-language UIs.

Assigning valves

The available ingreduents are also moved to the db and can initial be edited in the or over the WEB UI in the future.

For teh meantime you can use the script "".

python3 Hector9000/tools/

Development on non-Hector hardware :

In the you have to comment line :

#from HectorHardware import HectorHardware as Hector

and uncomment:

from HectorSimulator import HectorSimulator as Hector


If you have some ideas or a fix or something else to make Hector better, don't be afraid to send us a pullrequest ;-)

Special thanks to


Fancy barbot with lots of needless features and ...of course... WiFi and a bunch of blinky LEDs








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