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Docker based build environment for Gluon
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Docker based build environment for Gluon. At the moment this image just supplies a consistent build environment. More automation and a more user friendly handling is planned.

Build the docker image:
docker build -t build-gluon - < Dockerfile

Start a container with a shell prompt:
docker run -it -v $(pwd)/openwrt:/gluon/openwrt -v $(pwd)/output:/gluon/output build-gluon
This command maps the directories openwrt and output in your current working directory to the according directories inside the container. openwrt will contain the files that are created during the build process whereas output will contain your built images. Reusing openwrt is recommended as it will speed up the build process significantly when building previous targets again. You can use different paths of course, this is just an example. Just replace $(pwd)/openwrt and $(pwd)/output with paths to your liking.

Next steps for a successful build:

  • cd to /gluon and run a git pull (not strictly necessary if you just built the docker image since the build process cloned the most recent version, however, I'd recommend making it a habit)
  • check out the branch/tag you want to build, e. g. git checkout v2017.1.x
  • run make update GLUON_RELEASE=<your release name>, e. g. make update GLUON_RELEASE=2017.1.x
  • start building with make GLUON_TARGET=<your target> GLUON_RELEASE=<your release name>. I'd recommend adding -j, followed by the number of threads your CPU has, in order to make use of multithreading and speed up the build process. An example build command could be make -j4 GLUON_TARGET=ar71xx-tiny GLUON_RELEASE=2017.1.x.


  • When switching Gluon branches a make -C openwrt dirclean can be necessary in order to remove an old toolchain.
  • Make sure that you have enough free space, e. g. ar71xx needs around 11 GB. The other targets require similar amounts.

Fore more information visit

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