A project to help spread virtual High 5s to others.
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Project H5YR / H5IS

What does #h5yr mean?

High 5, You Rock!

What does #h5is mean?

High 5, I Suck!

Where did #h5yr and #h5is come from?

Short answer: Alexander Kjerulf

Longer answer: https://positivesharing.com/2012/01/h5yr-and-h5is-find-out-how-these-two-cryptic-twitter-tags-promote-happiness-at-work/

What is this Project?

In December 2018 Douglas Robar (Umbraco Man) hung up his Umbraco Cape and started a new adventure. He put out a call on Twitter to see if anyone would take on the task of looking after the site H5YR.com. I, Owain, answered the call and am now the keeper of the site.

The domain H5IS.com is also now going to be part of this project - Thanks to Harald Ulriksen for transferring the domain to this project.

The plan is to make this a community project but it's not just for Umbracians. It's for everyone. H5YR and H5IS are not just Umbraco terms, although the Umbraco Community have adopted them.

What is needed / planned?

Initially, the plan is to just convert the old site from Umbraco 6 to Umbraco 7 and keep the original functionality - which is to scan Twitter for all #h5yr and #h5is tags and display them on the site.

If you have spare time and would like to help out with this project, please put your name below with what skills you can offer.

Name Skill Contact details
Owain C# / Umbraco @scottishcoder
Nik C# / Umbraco @hotchillicode
Chriztian HTML / CSS @greystate
Matt W C# / Umbraco / JS @waltza86
Paul Seal C# / Umbraco @CodeSharePaul
Callum Whyte C# / Umbraco / Architecture @callumbwhyte
Ian Houghton C# / Umbraco @redmorello
Lew Slade Designer @LewSlade
Poornima Nayar C# / Umbraco @poornimanayar
Sumesh KP C# / Umbraco @sumeshkp18
Louis Jr C# / Umbraco / Frontend Dev @louisjrdotcom

Where to chat about the project?

Head over to the dedicated slack channel https://join.slack.com/t/h5yr/shared_invite/enQtNTE1ODM1NTc0Nzg5LTM5MGMwMDhlZWJiM2IzZTExYzg3MGVmYzNlZGE0NGFlNDgwYjU1ZThmNmEzMjViZjU2M2M4Mzg4YjA4ZDI4YmI

Where can I log an issue / an idea for the project?


Where can I get a copy of the website?


Social Media

Follow the project on https://www.twitter.com/h5yr