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Live Streaming Software for Mac and Windows built on Adobe AIR


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Live Broadcaster

Live Streaming Software for Mac and Windows built on Adobe AIR

Live Streaming Software

How to Use?

How to Debug?

  • Get Adobe Flash Builder
  • Install Java SE 6 for Mac or Windows
  • Download Apache Flex SDK installer, install Apache Flex SDK 4.16.1 with AIR 28 and set it as default SDK in Flash Builder
  • Clone or download project from
  • Import project to Flash Builder
  • Edit You can skip this but app won't fully work until you get your own google client id and secret for Youtube and Facebook app id for Facebook broadcasting
  • Select LiveBroadcaster.mxml in Flash Builder and try to Run or Debug as Desktop Application

How to make Release?

  • First test if you can debug from Flash Builder
  • Install Ant if you don't have it
  • Edit and add path to Windows or Mac Flex SDK (you should already have it after succesfull debug)
  • (Mac Only) Download and install Packager:
  • Create or get your .p12 certificate and put it to builds/cert/ folder
  • Edit live_broadcaster/build.xml lines:
<property name="KEYSTORE" value="../builds/cert/Certificate.p12"/>
  • Run ant build from live_broadcaster folder
  • This should be enought to build unsigned *.pkg or *.exe installers

How to make signed installer?

  • You need a certificate in keychain for Mac OS or *.pfx file for Windows
  • (Mac Only) get certificate full name from keychain and update build.xml:
<target name="signpackage.mac" if="${MAC}">
  <exec executable="${PRODUCTSIGN}" failonerror="true">
    <arg value="--sign"/>
    <arg value="FULL CERTIFICATE NAME WITH (ABCDE12345)"/>
    <arg value="${TEMPPKG}"/>
    <arg value="${FINALPKG}"/>
  <delete file="${TEMPPKG}" />
  • (Windows only) put *.pfx file to builds/cert/ folder and update build.xml with path and password:
<target name="" if="${WINDOWS}">
  <echo message="Signing package for Windows" />
  <exec executable="${basedir}/${ISCC}">
    <arg value="/smysigntool=${basedir}\..\builds\tools\iscc\signtool.exe sign /f ${basedir}\..\builds\cert\Certificate.pfx /p PFX_PASSWORD_HERE $f"/>
    <arg value="${basedir}\..\builds\LiveBroadcaster.iss"/>
  • (Windows only) Remove ; from ;SignTool=mysigntool in build/LiveBroadcaster.iss
  • Run ant build from live_broadcaster folder


Live Streaming Software for Mac and Windows built on Adobe AIR







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