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A PS3 toolchain builder, an alternative to ooPo's
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This program will automatically build and install a compiler and other tools
used in the creation of homebrew software for the Sony Playstation 3.
Make sure you have autoconf, automake, bison, flex, makeinfo/texinfo, 
ncurses (dev package), gcc, make, and wget. You must then set $PS3DEV, and
add $PS3DEV/bin, $PS3DEV/ppu/bin, and $PS3DEV/spu/bin to your $PATH. Now
you are clear to execute ./ all . For more information about PS3
homebrew, join #ps3dev on EFnet, and check out

trap15              --
Aaron               -- crt, improvements
#HACKERCHANNEL      -- The cool place.
#ps3lv2             -- Hacking the PS3, one level at a time
#ps3dev             -- Fucking OT
ooPo                -- Writing the original toolchain
segher              -- Writing the that this is derived from
Galaxy|             -- 980x power!

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