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MMMM Minutes (MMMMM 10)

Date: 04 June 2018

Location: Hacman, Wellington House

Minutes taken by Cone


Standing Items

  • Reports from teams
    • Board
    • Craft
    • Laser
    • 3D Print
    • Documentation
    • Procurement
    • Electrical
    • Events
    • Social
    • Wood

Member Submitted Items

  • Laser Maintenance (Submitted by Egg in absentia)
    • The laser is a very valuable tool and big membership draw to the hackspace. The laser information board has said "Buttons under investigation" for some time. The nipple for navigating the machine interface is sticky. The interface intermittently stalls and the buttons are frequently unresponsive.
    • I would like to know what is required to improve the interface mechanically? Is it feasible to replace these parts? Is the cost likely to be accessible and who should pay for the cost of the upgrade?
    • I would be keen to liase with someone who has the capability and capacity to make this necessary improvement to our valuable tool.
  • we could do with finding a place for the large cupboards in the corridor - Richard
  • State of the toilet, spent rolls everywhere, bin usage, water on floor, hand towels
  • wood lathe (submitted by Alex b who can't come due to other Monday meeting)
    • what is the status of training as like to use new shiny?
    • proposal of locking Turing chisels away with a key/combination given to trained members due to not wanting to find and clean up the mess of a untrained member.
    • what's the prosses of becoming wood lathe maintainer?




Approval of previous minutes


Reports from teams

  • Board:
    • Business as usual, the space made profit this month!
    • The board would like to thank everyone who helped at Makefest, it was excellent, professional and everyone worked very hard.
  • Craft:
    • "Hello"
    • Just because it's there doesn't mean it's a dumping ground. Don't just leave stuff there please.
  • Laser:
    • Laser broke, and then Jason fixed it! Yay!
    • Keep an eye on your jobs incase it breaks again. Failure could have caused a fire, make sure you watch it.
    • One of the belts came loose, making it more a 1D laser printer. Good for doing lines.
    • Buttons on front panel are ongoing.
    • Aware of long engrave bug, going to need a firmware change, may be some time. Break up engraves into smaller chunks.
  • 3D Print: No issues this month, it works. Power troubles which Greg fixed. Resolved by tightening a screw.
  • Documentation: No report. "Things are still written down"
  • Procurement:
    • Two smaller runs were done, one for cans one for food.
    • Should we ask the board to increase the spending limit so we can do fewer runs now things are selling more? £300? Make sure you check what needs buying. Vote: Yes
    • Requests for chocolate! It's what people come here for!
  • Electrical: No report.
  • Events:
    • Cone interjects: "yaaaaaaaaaay"
    • We did Makefest! It was really good!
    • We took ~£680
    • Ellen is organising Liverpool Makefest (30 June), people wanting to join in there is a Doodle for availability where you can choose what time of the day you are available.
      • Event is 9-5 but with an hour each side for build up and tear down.
      • Meeting on the 7th June at 1930
      • Come join!
  • Social: Tweets happened. Cone would like admin to the Facebook page to update photos of the space. Needs to speak to Harvy.
  • Wood: We still have wood.
    • Compressor was fixed.

Member Submitted Items

Laser Maintenance

  • laser information board mentions the button issue.
  • What is required to fix it?
    • Greg answers: joystick damaged a while ago, buttons are just wear.
    • Cost will be a few pounds, which should be covered by space. We can afford that.
    • Greg happy to find the parts and order.
    • Cone and greg to look at today.
    • Rossy looking at last months MMMMM - apparently we ordered one.
      • Chris B may have ordered it?

Cupboards in corridor

  • Discussion of putting it by the sewing machine table.
  • Make a craft storage cupboard
    • All craft stuff together, then we can get rid of the chest - Chris'.
    • Everything including wool can go in there.
    • Space could purchase some draft strip for the doors to keep all dust out
    • Will dispose of storage unit if not removed or sold from space within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Agreed.

State of the facilities

  • What is the state of the toilet: hope it’s still solid. Containing solids? Hopefully containing fluids.
  • It’s a tip.
    • Motion that the loo is a tip - motion passes.
    • Bowl of food, fork in it, water over floor, loo roll on the floor, empty tubes, wet loo roll, no bin (been moved/lost/binned itself), and just a state.
    • It needs to be usable, and nice.
    • Sanitary facilities. Could get small bin.
    • Could get bin bag frame. We do need a bin bag.
  • Hack the toilet day mentioned.
  • Big blue fabric rolls hard to wash, dry and roll up.
  • Could put blue roll up, or just by hand towels.
  • Idea of hand drier rejected.
  • Part of snack space budget.
  • Store loo roll in plastic box as everything is exposed. Some of them get wet.
  • Discussion around shaking of appendages (hands, water on floor)

Wood Lathe questions

No-one from wood team present. We don’t know about this. No-one present could answer. Lathe must have a suitable risk assessment and inspection before it is entered into service, orders of the board.


  • Woody dusty is NOT wheelchair accessible!

    • Please rearrange workbench and lathe
    • Discussion on the usability of certain tools from a seated position, and safety aspects from users not being able to move back quickly incase something goes wrong.
      • Please consider your own safety considering your own needs before using each tool, and assess individually if it's safe to use.
  • Private weekend tours!

    • Ellen offers to do tours
  • Board elections coming up soon! Get thinking if you'd like to run/nominate. You need to be nominated to run.

  • Mice - or lack thereof.

    • They have adhered to their ban.
    • Plastic boxes are working. Leaving disappointed and hungry.
    • Bowl of food in the toilet is unacceptable.
    • Reminder to remove all food, takeaway boxes and bin bags containing food from the space on the same day to prevent mice smelling food and coming in.
    • Cone to instruct how to get to main bins and make a sign.
    • Bins collected on Tuesday, so large things go in on Wednesday.
  • Probably should start binning things in the corridor

    • Hire another skip? Bin the space day?
    • A lot of stuff can be recycled, a skip is recycled whereas the black bins are not.
    • We could hire a van for the day, which would be much cheaper.
    • Greg to call gas company and get them to collect gas canisters.
    • Discussion on gas distribution mediums.
    • Greg really can't throw the blueroll.
  • Talking of rubbish, can we do recycling?

    • Sadly not, the mill only has black bins.
    • Could talk to Maria to talk to Northern Group.
  • Different things in snackspace

    • Water dispenser, or a filter for the tap?
    • Prevent plastic wastage
    • Dispensing solutions discussed, including cleaning, replacing filters
    • Paper cups in a dispenser for filling could work and be free or 10p.
    • Cone suggests 7p a cup. Greg glares.
  • Can't use the sink for screenprinting.

    • Want to wash it outside
    • Hose reel would work, could attach to tap but the tap design is poor
    • A vampire tap to a standard spigot would work.
    • Cone bikesheds over how the hose could go through the wall outside.
  • Can food arrive? I'm hungry.

  • Any other "any other" business?

  • Intro to how to sign up, Cone to show Ellen/

  • Monthly open day, once a month on Saturday

    • Words of approval so long as only monthly and on a Saturday.
    • Last saturday of each month, starting in July (Last Sat of June is makefest)
    • 6 votes for, 0 against. Passes
  • Can we have more attendance on Wednesdays and structure it better?

    • Perhaps a calendar for people doing tours?
    • Sometimes people want to attend but not do tours, so don't come.
    • Tours shall not be mandatory, are available if requested and a person is availale to do a tour.

20:35, meeting conveniently ends as the food arrives.

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