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How to use

panelcuts ui

In order to effectively use the tool, you will need a clean, real scale model, composed of individual objects for each piece of the model.

  1. Select the parts (individual objects making a kitchen cabinet, for example) of the model that you want to add the properties that will be used to generate the report. Press the "SELECTION" button to make all the selected objects active in the tool. Alternatively, activate the "Viewport select" toggle button if you want to pick each object alone in the Viewport.

  2. Start adding properties. Grain direction will swap the piece height and width, in order to accomodate the cuts to the sheet face texture direction. "Finish" indicates the material color, skin, etc. "Part" can be used as indicative of the piece position/function (i.e. Kitchen Module 1 - Lateral stand). Once you are done, press the "commit" Button. Note: Right-click on "Commit" will apply the properties to the entire objects collection. Values entered in the textboxes will be added to the below listbox. Double click on an item in the listbox to rehutilize it.

  3. Navigate through the objects in the collection with the previous ("<<") and next (">>") buttons.

    • The tool has a visual feedback, displaying as wireframe the objects in the collection and shading the current active one, also a viewport label shows the selected object dimensions.
    • Right click on prev. or next buttons to commit properties.
  4. Utilities.

    • Scale units: objects are measured in current Max's active units system and scale. Use the units factor to convert stored dimensions between units. I.e: If the system scale is configured in centimeters, use a factor of 10.0 and scale up to change the measurements to milimeters.
    • Sheet dimensions: Generate a report of how much sheets (or sheet area) the pieces will require. Account for wastage.
  5. Save to file. This is the main functionality of this tool. Export a list of the parts to a .csv file. It can be later imported in a Spreadsheet or cut optimization program.