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International WSPR Beacon Project - Phase I

Status: Global Beacon deployment in Progress - World's largest HF Beacon Network

Globally deployed WSPR Beacons - Synchronized weak signal Network - same Power - same Band hopping schedule - 80,40,20,15,10m 24x7x365. Coordinated WSPR Band hopping transmit schedule following the WSJT-X implementation


For each enabled Band the scheduler will start to transmit at the corresponding Minute. This enables a global Network of WSPR Beacons to transmit on the same Band at the same time. The exact TX Frequency within the allocated WSPR segment/Band (200 Hz) is picked randomly by the Firmware. Here is a screenshot


These coordinated Beacon Signals can then be decoded by WSJT-X (automated Band-Hopping) and uploaded to the Database for further analysis. Link to a Video showing the WSPR Beacon with the custom Firmware in Action (showing PC Software just for demo purpose). Beacon runs headless, no PC or Internet connection needed.


To identify and visualize weak Signal Propagation paths to study global Ham Radio HF Propagation for the interested audience by collecting consistent WSPR Data from standardized Beacon Transmitters over an extended period of time like years. Inspired by the NCDXF CW Beacon Project.


Goal is to establish a global Network of 40 permanently installed, standardized, easy to operate, inexpensive and self-contained WSPR Beacons running 24x7x365 at strategic locations around the globe sharing the same or a very similar Setup:

  • Omni directional Antenna (vertical EFHW, DX Commander, Multiband GP etc.)
  • RF Power 200 mW
  • Same transmission schedule (following WSJT-X Band-hopping)
  • Same Band coverage (at least 80,40,20,15 and 10m)

What is required to participate?

  • Type 1 Callsign like HB9VQQ (max. 6 characters) as explained here WSPR Messages explained Type 2 or Type 3 won't work
  • Vertical omnidirectional Antenna covering at least 80,40,20,15,10m Band (Endfed Halfwave, DX Commander, GAP DX Titan, Butternut HF6V or similar Multiband Antenna)
  • Willingness to run the Beacon 24x7x365 (Best effort)
  • Zachtek 80to10 WSPR Desktop Transmitter
  • The Beacon Operator is responsible to follow the local regulations in regards of unattended automatic Transmitters

Applications from HAM Radio Clubs will be preferred over individuals.

Cost ?

Ready-to-use self-contained (No PC/No Internet required) WSPR Beacon Transmitters covering the 80,40,30,20,17,15,12 and 10m Band (Model 80To10) are available directly from the Zachtek Webshop. Once the Beacon is up and running the cost of the Hardware (USD 139) will be refunded. Power output ~200mW. Power usage: 5V (USB) max. 250mA. Potential participants will be selected very carefully to achieve the best possible global coverage.

image image image

Apply for participation to become a WSPR Beaconer

Please drop me a line if you fully comply with the above mentioned requirements and if you want to participate in the Intl. WSPR Beacon Project. Please answer these seven questions in your email:

  1. What is the Beacon callsign you'll be using?
  2. What is the planned Beacon location?
  3. What Antenna will be used for the Beacon (Make and Model)?
  4. Is the Antenna installed as a vertical omni directional?
  5. Will the Antenna cover at least 80,40,20,15 and 10m Band with an SWR < 2:1?
  6. Do you agree to run the Beacon 24x7x365 (Best effort)?
  7. HAM Radio Club or individual?

International WSPR RX Monitor Project - Phase II

Status: Looking for Participants outside US and central EU

The global distribution of permanent WSPR receive sites is very poor and concentrates mainly on the US and central European territory. Outside of these regions there are many dark Spots. This is cleary made visible in this Time lapse Video taken on August-6 2021. For HF Propagation studies it is crucial to establish a well distributed global network of WSPR RX Monitors. This is Phase II of the Project, focusing to establish a network of WSPR Monitors outside of the US and central EU.

The WSPR Monitor setup consists of an Airspy HF+ Discovery or Airspy HF+ Dual and a Raspberry Pi running a customized OS image, tailored for the individual WSPR Monitor. A description can be found here.

The WSPR RX Monitor will follow the Band hop schedule of our WSPR Beacons. They will be in sync with our WSPR Transmitters and upload all decoded WSPR signals to the central Database at

WSPR Monitor Requirements

  • RF quiet QRM free Location
  • WSPR Monitor location outside US and central EU
  • Airspy HF+ Discovery or Airspy HF+ Dual
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4, 16GB SD card
  • Internet connection
  • Preferred: vertical omni-directional resonant Antenna on 80,40,20,15 and 10m

The customized WSPR image for the Raspberry Pi will be provided by the Project once Registration is completed. The Airspy HF+ Discovery can be purchased with a special discount exclusively for participants of the WSPR Monitor Project. You do not have to be a licensed Amateur Radio Operator in order to participate in the Program.

Please drop me a line if you fully comply with the above requirements and if you want to participate in the Intl. WSPR RX Monitor Project. Please answer these questions in your email:

  1. What is the planned Monitor location?
  2. Is it a QRM free location?
  3. Is an Internet connection available at the Monitor site?
  4. What Antenna will be used for the WSPR Monitor (Make and Model)?
  5. Can you confirm no RF transmitting sources (HF Bands) within 300m (984 feet) of the WSPR Receive Antenna?
  6. Is the Antenna installed as a vertical omni directional?
  7. Will the Antenna cover at least 80,40,20,15 and 10m Band?
  8. Do you have an Airspy HF+ Dual or Discovery?
  9. Do you have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ or a Raspberry Pi 4?
  10. Do you agree to run the Monitor 24x7x365 (Best effort)?
  11. HAM Radio Club or individual?

Project Milestones

  • May-17 2021 Phase I - Project kick off
  • May-19 2021 Custom Arduino Firmware finished. PoC successful
  • May-20 2021 Placed order for first batch of 30 custom built WSPR Transmitters
  • May-22 2021 Started to onboard HAM Radio Clubs and individual WSPRer around the globe
  • June-19 2021 Beacon #1 shipped to Milan, Italy IU2PJI Politecnico Milano - Pilot installation
  • June-28 2021 Beacon #1 IU2PJI ON AIR !
  • July-17 2021 18 Beacons shipped, 4 operational
  • August-17 2021 11 Beacon operational
  • October-24 2021 First Band hopping WSPR Monitor alive @HP1COO
  • November-10 2021 Start of Phase II