Data to make licensing electronic resources for academic libraries less painful.
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Resources for Licensing Library Content

Licensing resources for libraries can be tricky. There is a lot to consider as you license and negotiate access to content. The resources in this repository aim to help librarians through the licensing process. The following resources are available in this repository:

  1. Model License Agreement: License agreements can either restrict or expand the rights extended to your patrons and library by copyright. This makes understanding and negotiating license agreements a critical component of collection development. The model license agreement provides example language that covers the critical principles that should be negotiated when licensing an electronic resource. The agreement here has been adapted from

  2. License Term Definitions: A brief list of standard terms found in license agreements with definitions and example license language. Original definitions by Linda Miller, Library of Congress, revised by Diane Grover, University of Washington, from NASIG Workshop: Mapping License Elements presented May 4, 2006. Used with Diane Grover’s permission.

  3. License Summary Form: This form distills the important terms typically included in license agreements and places them in a fill-in-the-blank worksheet. Filling this form out while reading through an agreement will allow you to quickly spot terms that need to be negotiated. Additionally, the form can be stored with the license making it easier to answer license questions later on reducing the need to refer to the license itself for every question about terms.

  4. ProjectMuse License Agreement: A real-world example of a license agreement.

  5. License Summary Form for ProjectMuse: A license summary form filled out for the ProjectMuse license agreement.

  6. Business Source Premier Agreement: A real-world example of a license agreement.

  7. License Summary Form for Business Source Premier: A license summary form filled out for the Business Source Premier license agreement.