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A feature-rich Mac software to present live input from one or more Microsoft LifeCam Studio as software for


This software is currently work in progress. Please contact me with any questions about future status and feature requests.

Heiko Behrens


This software accompanies the physical CamHolder you can find at and runs on Mac OSX 10.6+. It connects to one or more USB WebCams of the type "Microsoft LifeCam Studio" and offers several features such as

  • zooming and rotation,
  • fullscreen and snap to center (for screencasting),
  • manual exposure time and focus,
  • borderless and resizable windows,
  • comfortable keyboard short cuts,

that make presenting and screencasting with the CamHolder a snap.


Even though this software is open-source you must neither sell the compiled binary nor build any commercial software on top of its code without significant changes (see file LICENSE).


This software (especially the routines to access the UVC Camera) finds its roots the blog post by Dominic Szablewski. Also, I want to thank the beta testers Ekkehard Gentz (@ekkescorner) and Peter Friese (@peterfriese).

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