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Multi Touch Kit Arduino Library

This is an Arduino library for Multi Touch Kit. For more information on the project and tutorial, visit our website.


Download the library as a zip folder and install it as described here: ("Importing a .zip Library")


At first, make the Serial Connection (

Then, add the MultiTouchKit object (MultiTouchKit mtk;),

call mtk.setup_sensor(int rx, int tx, int* muxPins, bool raw_data, int threshold); in setup(),

and then in loop().

If you need raw values, set raw_data to true. If you want to get access to touch up/down values, set raw_data to false.


setupSensor(int rx, int tx, int* muxPins, bool raw_data, int threshold);

rx and tx define the number of receiver and transmitter lines,

int* muxPins defines the digital pins for the multiplexer,

bool raw_data determines to send the raw values (raw_data==true) or touch up/down events (raw_data==false).

int threshold is the threshold for the touch recognition, every value above the threshold will be detected as touch if :raw_data==false

read() function will send the raw values or true/false (depending on the selected mode) for each intersection via Serial port.

The output of read() function will be lines of integer values, separated by commas when 'raw_values = true'. The first number of each line is the number of the activated TX line and the following numbers are the values measured at the RX lines, starting at R0.

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