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DronOS Unity

DronOS: A Flexible Open-Source Prototyping Framework for Interactive Drone Routines

This repository contains DronOS, a rapid prototyping framework that can track, control, and automate drone routines. DronOS uses off-the-shelf components to enable the programming of custom routines for drones. Thereby, novel use cases for drones can be sketched rapidly.



The folders "DronOS Unity" and "STL" contain the necessary front- and backend of the framework.

Download and import the folder "DronOS Unity" into Unity. The project will be compiled automatically after successfully importing the project.

The folder "Controller" contains the module which has to be flashed on the ESP32. A computer running DronOS communicates with the ESP32 via USB and translates the control signal into a radio frequency signal for the remote controller.

3D Printable Files

The folder STL contains the 3D printable files which have been used for the custom drone.

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