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Data Set Description

This set contains the data of the paper "Your Eyes Tell: Leveraging Smooth Pursuit for Assessing Cognitive Workload" (DOI:

The set contains all data collected from the participants during the different conditions conducted in the study. The .txt files in the participant folders (all p folders) are tab separated files and can be processes with any software capable of reading *.csv files (e.g. Excel, Python, Matlab). The column 22 and 23 describes the X/Y gaze position of the left eye. The columns 24 and 25 describe the X/Y gaze position of the right eye. The folder "groundtruth" contains the x and y coordinates of the displayed stimulus. These files are comma and not tab separated.

File name legend: c = circular r = rectangular s = sinusoidal 1 = 1-back 2 = 2-back 3 = 3-back s = slow f = fast

For example "c_2_f" describes the collected gaze data during a fast circular trajectory while the subject is conducting a 2-back task.