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We encourage you to contribute to this resource by adding new initiatives, updating outdated information, correcting errors, or proposing new metrics you believe are useful to include.

We ask that you try your best to remain objective when making modifications and additions to the database.

Guidelines for contributing

Most of the information in the database is obtained directly from company materials. However there are a handful of data elements which require the judgement of the curator. Below we describe those fields and provide rough guidelines to help maintain consistency.

  • Description - Subjective one-sentence summary of the company (25 words or fewer). Avoid buzz-words and marketing phrases like “state-of-the-art”, “revolutionary”, etc.
    • Good: Quality control and assurance of pharmaceutical products
    • Bad: Using proprietary technology, the best science, and advanced AI techniques, the Eterly app acts like a personal coach--custom designing and adjusting, in real time--a health and fitness routine mapped to precisely fit each user’s specific needs. The project has been inspired, developed, and funded by longevity experts.
  • Functional Focus - choose the most appropriate category from the functional category table. Should be consistent with description.
  • Industry Focus - choose the most appropriate vertical from the industry focus list. Should be consistent with description.
  • Code repository - only included if the repository contains non-trivial code. Examples of trivial code: a token sale contract, forked repos without any commits, etc.
  • Prototype/Product - the URL of a functional prototype or launched product
  • Technical whitepaper - only included if it provides details about token economics, the protocol, or implementation details (architecture, software stack, etc.).
  • Funding - should be specified in USD
    • Private/Institutional Investment - source total funding from Crunchbase
    • ICO/Token Sale - source ICO/token sale information from ICO Reports

Functional Category Descriptions

Category Definition
Advisory, Dev Shop, Consortium Includes organizations that serve as advisors, consultancies, and dev-shops
Data & Asset Management This could include patient data, health systems operations data, and more.
Marketplace Platforms that facilitate trade between entities, such as incentivized data sharing. NOTE: If deciding between Data & Asset Management and Marketplace, choose Marketplace if the product has an exchange feature.
Identity Including but not limited to digital identities, passports, IDs, life-event certificates
Payments and Claims Platforms that facilitate the payment and claims of assets
Supply Chain Management Organizations using the protocol to manage supply chain flows

Industry Focus

  • Digital Medicine / Care Delivery
  • Blockchain Infrastructure (e.g., this tag is well-suited for a project that might serve industries including healthcare and beyond, like Blockstack, Computable Labs or OpenMined)
  • Fitness / Wellness
  • Healthcare - general / unspecified
  • Genomics
  • Medical Device
  • Personal Health Records (e.g., all projects that focus on personal health data management)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Research and Clinical Trials
  • Healthcare Operations (e.g., hospital system management, revenue and billing management)
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