Specification and tools for representing HDF5 in JSON
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Specification and tools for representing HDF5 in JSON


This repository contains a specification, library, and utilities for describing HDF5 content in JSON. The utilities can be used to convert any HDF5 file to JSON or from a JSON file (using the convention described here to HDF5).

The library is useful for any Python application that needs to translate between HDF5 objects and JSON serializations. In addition to the utilities provided in this repository, the library is used by HDF Server (a RESTful web service for HDF5), and HDF Product Designer (an application for creating product designs).

This respository also include utilities to generate code in Fortran or Python based on a JSON file.

See :doc:`Utilities` for a description of the included utilties.


Related Projects


Via pip:

pip install h5json

From a release tarball or Git checkout:

python setup.py install
python testall.py  # optional

The hd5tojson.py and jsontoh5.py convertors will be added to the path. See docs/Installation.rst for step by step instructions.


Just remove the install directory and all contents to uninstall.

Reporting bugs (and general feedback)

Create new issues at http://github.com/HDFGroup/hdf5-json/issues for any problems you find.

For general questions/feedback, please use the list (hdf-forum@lists.hdfgroup.org).