The HDMA center at SDSU focuses on human dynamics changes with GIS and social media analysis.

  • JavaScript MIT Updated Jul 10, 2018
  • Web-based health data mapping tools (Version 1.0)

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  • With new Leaflet 1.0 version

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  • Linguistic analysis and text data mining are important topics in the HDMA Center’s research. In this repository, we share linguistic algorithms and codes that you can use in your own research. We encourage you to add to our efforts! Please email us at hdmasdsu@gmail.com

    Python 1 Updated Jun 22, 2018
  • Walkability ( developed by Chris Allen)

    MIT Updated Apr 9, 2018
  • Geocoding Engine Machine for Placename in Social Media (by Chris Allen and Jaehee Park)

    Python 1 Updated Aug 25, 2017
  • If you receive a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in California, you must attend a DUI program. The HDMA Center collaborates with Prof. Sheldon Wong at SDSU and the CA Department of Human Service to create a Web application to visualize and map DUI providers in CA.

    JavaScript 1 1 Updated Aug 5, 2016
  • The HDMA Center at SDSU focuses on incorporating geo-targeted social media data and APIs with GIS analytics to access and query data. We welcome you to learn from this repository filled with technical documents, examples, and codes and encourage you to add to our efforts! Please email us at hdmasdsu@gmail.com if you like to contribute your codes…

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  • The homepage of HDMA-SDSU at Github. We are still working on this. If you are interested, please email us: hdmasdsu@gmail.com

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  • Compare and integrate food environment data from various social media. We are still working on this right now. If you are interested to join this project, please email us: hdmasdsu@gmail.com

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  • Currently, the HDMA Center at SDSU is working on an NSF funded project titled Spatiotemporal Modeling of Human Dynamics across Social Media and Social Networks. This project falls under Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Science Research (IBSS) and incorporates multiple disciplines within the research.

    Updated Apr 13, 2015
  • You can use this repository to learn how to develop an iBook for iPads by using iBook Author and other free, online resources. For more information on the HDMA Center’s GIScience Textbook Project, visit our website at http://mappingideas.sdsu.edu/ibook/

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