The HDMA Center at SDSU focuses on incorporating geo-targeted social media data and APIs with GIS analytics to access and query data. We welcome you to learn from this repository filled with technical documents, examples, and codes and encourage you to add to our efforts! Please email us at if you like to contribute your codes…
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logo ##Social Media API ######Project conducted by: San Diego State University


This repository contains techical documents, exmaples, python codes of social media API. Besides providing the description of how to do a search by keyword, HDMA center at SDSU more focuses on how to do spatil query in Social media. For example,

  1. what parameters of spatial query are used in social media API (ex: lat, lng, geonames, or radius?)

  2. what are returned formats (ex: json, xml, or geojson)

  3. how to send a request by URL

  4. how to write a simple python code to send a request